"Art Words"
Student Show at Fraser
By Mark Longaker
The Georgetowner
August 30, 2001 page 30
"Reprinted with permission from the Georgetowner"

Area art students get their day in the sun at the Fraser Gallery, known for offering "contemporary realism with a bite." This means that somebody like Andrew Wodziansky, a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, can show paintings that push the envelope of audacity beyond the fringe. A self-portrait of the wigged-out artist snapping a photograph of himself, in likely a masturbatory moment, wearing a red feathered mask and dressing gown, for example. Or his "Cronos," a takeoff on Goya's grisly "Saturn Devouring One of His Sons."

In this modern version, Cronos (whom the Romans dubbed Saturn) chomps away at a child's doll.

Other talent from the fringe includes "Swarming the Flood" by Caroline Danforth, an elongated self-portrait in lush oils. Her dramatic coloration and deformation of physiognomy - her legs and long and large, while her head is tiny, as though Alice stepped through a looking glass at the fun house - recall El Greco.

Student exhibit at Fraser Gallery, 1054 31st Street, NW through Sept 19, 2001. 202/298-6450.

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