"Amy Williams Middleton"
By Ferdinand Protzman
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday , June 29, 2000 ; Page C05
"Reprinted with permission from the Washington Post and Ferdinand Portzman"

Fraser Gallery is showing paintings by Amy Williams Middleton, who is based in Seattle and won the gallery's annual art competition.

Middleton is a talented young artist, but her paintings, particularly a series of empty dresses against various backgrounds, are neither original nor evocative. The garments give no sense of the woman who wears them. The backgrounds are pretty and boring. Looking at these paintings is about as interesting as looking at dresses in a store. If you're into shopping for women's clothing, that may ring your bell. As art, they are vacuous, immature work. Her portraits of a cross-dresser applying his makeup are marginally more interesting, but also unripe.

Amy Williams Middleton, at Fraser Gallery, 1054 31st St. NW, Tuesday-Friday, noon-3 p.m.; Saturday, noon-6 p.m., 202-298-6450, through July 19, 2000.

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