"Campello: Passion for Frida Kahlo at Fraser Gallery"
By Tracey Vogel
Digital City Art Critic
December 2002
"By Tracy Vogel, reprinted with permission from Digital City"

Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist whose lush, fantasy-heavy portraits and dramatic life have inspired a passionate worldwide following, first captured the attention of F. Lennox Campello at age 19. For 27 years he would paint, sketch and etch Kahlo's image. Those works -- collages, charcoal drawings, oil paintings, etchings and watercolors -- make up a new exhibit at the Fraser Gallery in Georgetown, owned by Campello's wife, Kate Fraser.

While the majority of Campello's Kahlo works have been sold, his preparatory pieces, many from his college years, are included in the show. The exhibit offers an intriguing glimpse into one devoted man's perspective on Kahlo at a time when many people are discovering the artist for themselves. You may be inspired to see the Miramax film, 'Frida,' staring Selma Hayek, which was released in October.

A free opening reception with the artist takes places on Dec. 20 from 6 to 9 PM. -- Tracy Vogel

2002 Digital City

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