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2001 Georgetown International Fine Arts Competition
Accepted Artists

The following artists were selected by Professor John Winslow, Catholic University of America School of Art, from a field of 306 artists with over 1,000 submissions

Virginia Bergey
Virginia Bergey - Pennsylvania

Nancy Breslin
Nancy Breslin - Delaware

James Clark
James Clark - Illinois

Matt Dunn
Matt Dunn - Washington, DC

Cathy Ehrler
Cathy Ehrler - Georgia

Gifford Ewing
Gifford Ewing - Colorado

Sharon Florin
Sharon Florin - New York

Larry Frank
Larry Frank - New York

Servando Garcia
Servando Garcia - California

Jennifer Gillespie
Jennifer Gillespie - Massachusetts

Paul Cary Goldberg
Paul Cary Goldberg - Massachusetts

Zhimin Guan
Zhimin Guan - Minnesota

Krisjohn Horvat
Krisjohn Horvat - New York

Barbara Januszkiewicz
Barbara Januszkiewicz - Virginia

Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson - Illinois

Stacy Kirchgessner
Stacy Kirchgessner - Virginia

Catherine Kirkpatrick
Catherine Kirkpatrick - New York

Statia Molewski
Statia Molewski - New York

Vicky Perry
Vicky Perry - New York

Robert Pratto
Robert Pratto - California

Tristan Schane
Tristan Schane - New York

Stan Schwartz
Stan Schwartz - Pennsylvania

Laura Seldman
Laura Seldman - Washington, DC

Mary Tobin
Mary Tobin - Illinois

Baltazar Villalobos
Baltazar Villalobos - Mexico

Gail Vollrath
Gail Vollrath - North Carolina

Diane Weiner
Diane Weiner - Maryland

Art Werger
Art Werger - Ohio

Linda Wooten-Green
Linda Wooten-Green - Nebraska

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