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"Déborah Nofret Marrero Jiménez"
Survey of Contemporary Cuban Artists

Photo of Deborah NofretDéborah Nofret Marrero Jiménez was born in 1967 in the city of Cardenas, in the province of Matanzas, in Cuba. She is considered by many Cuban and international art critics to be one of the leading digital artists of her generation.

In addition to many exhibitions in Cuba, (including several International Digital Art Salons at various Havana venues as well as the VII Havana Bienal), her work has been exhibited at many prestigious venues in Europe and Latin America.

Her Havana Bienal digital installation (titled Preferencias Prestadas) traveled after the Bienal to several countries, including Madrid, Spain and Paris, France and it received intense critical attention in both of these countries.

Art critic Virginia Alberti wrote about her work:

"The first sensation that one has when viewing the images offered by Déborah Nofret … is that of vertigo.

The viewer faces a type of kaledoiscope… but once the visual avalanche is digested, in our senses grows a feeling of being in front of an artist to whom the new use of digital technology is but the support vehicle to discuss ideas.

Thus, Déborah offers a lecture where her invitation is to have us think – that, is the principal goal of her iconographic speculation. In disassembling and reassembling figures – where self references abound – the sense of “Me” in relation to “Others” – amounts, symbols, objects – the artist questions the nature of digital art and its impact on contemporary visual arts.”

This exhibition was Deborah Nofret’s debut in the Greater Washington area and only the second time that she has ever exhibited in the United States. Her original artwork is available through the Fraser Gallery of Washington, DC and Bethesda, Maryland.