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"Andres Besse Montoya"
Survey of Contemporary Cuban Artists

Photo of Andres MontoyaAndres Besse Montoya first studied art at the Jose Maria Heredia Academy, where he studied the basic elements of Plastic Arts. After graduation in 1993 he pursued an Independent Art Internship under supervision of well-know Cuban artists Belkis Ayon, Angel Ramirez and Carlos Rene Aguilera.

Besse Montoya then attended the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy and graduated in 2000. Later that same year, he entered and eventually graduated from the Academy of Havana Fine Arts Program.

Andres Besse Montoya’s art is strongly inspired by the colors of Santiago de Cuba, (Cuba’s second largest city and a provincial capital in the easternmost province), by Santeria and religion, music and the famed Cuban Carnival. Like many trained Cuban artists, Besse Montoya, although concentrating on painting, has also been trained in other genres of art, and also exhibits his drawings, ceramics and graphic art software, as well other modes of creative expression.

He has participated in exhibitions in Spain, England, Portugal, Canada, Ireland, France and most currently in the United States, where he currently resides. In September of last year, he was part of the traveling exhibit “The Colors of Cuba,” which was featured in several Canadian galleries.

He is currently the director of the Montoya-Francisco Children’s Art Program, which delivers art supplies and training to Cuban children through the Calle Jon de Hamel Community Center in Havana, Cuba.

This exhibition was the artist's debut in the Washington region in the Greater Washington, DC area. His original artwork is available through the Fraser Gallery of Washington, DC and Bethesda, Maryland.