Maxwell MacKenzie

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Everts Township Schoolhouse, Minnesota

"Everts Township Schoolhouse, Minnesota, Summer 1992"

Please contact the Fraser Gallery for availability and prices. All the photographs are signed, numbered and titled and come in the following editions and sizes:

9" x 28" - Edition of 50
16" x 48" - Edition of 20 (Sold Out)
24" x 72" - Edition of 50
32" x 96" - Edition of 20

To see the B&W photos from American Ruins, click below. Signed copies of this book are available from the Fraser Gallery for $50 (hardcover) or $35 (softcover) including shipping and handling.

mackenzie photos from Ghosts on the Landscape
Photographs from "American Ruins : Ghosts on the Landscape" Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota and Idaho.

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