Joyce Tenneson
Angela Lansbury
From the "Wise Women" Portfolio

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Portrait of Angela Lansbury

"Angela Lansbury"

Signed and numbered from Portfolio Edition of 25

Image is 13x9 inches and printed onto 14x11 matte pH-balanced acid free paper. There are ten images in each portfolio. To see the list of images, please click here.

The price structure for the portfolio is as follows:

  Numbers 1-5          $1,800

Numbers 6-10        $2,500

Numbers 11-15      $3,000

Numbers 16-20      $3,500

Numbers 21-25      $4,000

To order the Limited Edition Portfolio please contact the Fraser Gallery. A copy of the first edition, signed book Wise Women, is available through the Fraser Gallery for $40 plus $5 shipping and handling.


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