Dianora Niccolini

Lives / Works: New York, N.Y.
Represented by: Fraser Gallery 301/718-9651
Photographs: Click Here


Solo Exhibitions
209 Photo Gallery, NYC, NY,"DOUBLE EXPOSURE"‚ 1974
The Third Eye Gallery, NYC, NY,"THE FEMALE NUDE"‚ 1974
Top of the Stairs Gallery, NYC, NY,"THE FEMALE NUDE"‚ 1974
The Third Eye Gallery, NYC, NY, "THE MALE NUDE"‚ 1975
The Third Eye Gallery, NYC, NY‚ "THE MONA LISA SERIES"‚ 1976
The Third Eye Gallery, NYC, NY, "POP PHOTART"‚ 1977
The Y Arts Council, Philadelphia, PA, "POP PHOTART"‚ 1978
The Floating Foundation of Photography, NYC, "MONSTER SERIES"‚ 1979
Steve Bush Gallery, NYC‚ "THE MALE NUDE"‚ 1981
The West Broadway Gallery, NYC‚ "PHOTO ALTERATIONS"‚ 1981
The Photographics Unlimited Gallery. NYC‚ "IN LOVING MEMORY", 1981
The Camera Club, NYC,"EMERGENCY"‚ 1981
The West Broadway Gallery, NYC, "MEN WATCHING"‚ 1982
The Overseas Press Club, NYC, "MEN IN FOCUS"‚ NYC, 1983
The Impulse Gallery,Provincetown, MA‚ "MEN IN FOCUS"‚ 1983
The Throckmorton Fine Art Gallery, NYC‚ "THE MALE NUDE"‚ 1998
The Throckmorton Fine Art Gallery, NYC, "BILLY"‚ 2001
The Think Liquid Gallery, NYC, "UNMASKING THE MALE"‚ 2003

Selected Group Exhibitions
International Photo optical Show - Washington, D.C., 1974
The Interchurch Center, Women Photographers of NY‚ NYC, 1974
The Camera Club of New York, Women Photographers of NY‚ NYC, 1975
South Street Seaport Museum, Women Photographers of NY‚ NYC, 1975
Neikrug Gallery, "There is No Female Camera"‚ NYC, 1975
The Third Eye Gallery, "New York Eyes"‚ NYC, 1976
The Italian Consulate, Italian American Artists‚ NYC, 1976
ICP, "Women Photograph Men"‚ NYC, 1976
The Third Eye Gallery, "Who's Who in Photography"‚ NYC, 1976
Neikrug Gallery, "Rated X"‚ NYC, 1977
Marcuse Pfeiffer Gallery, "The Male Nude" NYC, 1978
The Floating Foundation of Photography, "Foods and other Pleasures"‚ NYC, 1979
Fotoforum, "International Group Exhibition"‚ Czechoslovakia, 1980
Pratt University, "Photo Fusion"‚ NYC, 1982
Foto Gallery, "Male Nudes", Wales, United Kingdom, 1983
Gallery Stendhal, "True Love and Other Stories", NYC, 1991
Jacob Javitz Federal Building, "Visual Individualists United"‚ NYC, 1992
The Museum Of Fine Arts, "The Allan Chasanoff Photographic Collection"‚ Houston, TX, 1994
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, "The Body"‚ Montreal, Canada, 1997
The Curcio Spector Gallery, "The Male Nude", NYC, 1997
Throckmorton Fine Art Gallery, "Male Nude" (mini retrospective), NYC, 1997
Trevi Flash Art Museum, "First International Biennial"‚ Trevi, Italy, 1998
Culturgest Museum of Fine Art, "The Nude"‚Portugal, 1999
The Fraser Gallery, "Photography Only", Washington, DC, 2002
The Fraser Gallery,"4 Women Photographers"‚ Washington, DC, 2003
The Gallery, Summer Salon (150 contemporary women photographers)‚ Stamford, NY, 2003
Jon Tomlinson Gallery, NYC, NY, "Recapturing the 70's in Photographs", 2004
The New Center for Contemporary Art. "OH BOY ", Louisville, KY, 2005
Throckmorton Fine Art Gallery, "Classic Beauty", NYC, NY, 2006
Galerie David Guiraud, "Exposition d'Homme a Homme", Paris, France, 2007

Museum Collections
The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC.
The Museum of Fine Arts, ( The Allan Chasanoff Photographic Collection), Houston, Texas.
Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa, Florida.
Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida.
The Kinsey Institute (Indiana University), Bloomington, Indiana.
The Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
The Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida.
The Harn Museum, University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida.
The International Center of Photography (ICP), NYC, NY.
The Alternative Museum, NYC, NY.
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California.

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