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Updated on January 15, 2005

Our Bethesda shows for 2004

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December 12 - February 11, 2004

A very special group show marking the 100th exhibition presented by the Fraser Gallery. This landmark event features work by many of the artists represented by the Fraser Gallery as well as invited artists. The exhibit will include work by Adam Bradley, Joyce Tenneson, Maxwell MacKenzie, David FeBland, John Jacobsmeyer, Chawky Frenn, Margarida Kendall, Karin Rosenthal, Tina Blondell, Jamie Wimberly, Scott Hutchison, Tim Tate, Sarah Wegner, Andrew Wodzianski, Andrzej Pluta, Tucker Bobst, Renee McGinnis, John Winslow, Lida Moser, Forrest MacCormack, Vladimir Pcholkin, Tristan Schane, Katie Kaufman, Sandra Ramos, Catriona Fraser, Douglas Malone, Sheila Giolitti, Priscilla Young, Marta Maria Perez Bravo, and many others. An opening reception was held on Friday, December 12 from 6pm - 10pm and a private party to honor the artists on Saturday, December 13. See the work of our artists here

Matrix by Erwin Timmers
Erwin Timmers
Glass and Steel

Febland's Malecon painting
"Navidad on the Malecon (Cuba)"
David FeBland
Oil on Canvas, c. 2003
36 x 60 inches

February 13 - March 10

Our annual group show of gallery and invited artists around the nation working within the figurative genre. Included in this show are new works by GMU Visiting professor Chawky Frenn, recent recipient of a major positive review in the New York Times, New York's David FeBland, who continues to be our best-selling painter, New York painter John Jacobsmeyer, former Corcoran graduate and now San Francisco artist Douglas Malone, BP Portrait Prizewinner Zygimantas Augustinas, British painter Halen Bayley, Cuban realist Augusto Bordelois, local artist Scott Hutchison, whose large nudes recently caused all the TV and press furor during his Fraser solo show, MICA graduate (and most recent winner of a Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation grant) Andrew Wodzianski, New England painters Margaret McCann and Catherine Kehoe and several others. An opening reception for the artists, as part of the Bethesda Art Walk, took place on Friday, Feb. 12. Read the Gazette review here.

Inauguration by Zygimantas Augustinas
Zygimantas Augustinas
Oil on Canvas - 35x27.5 inches

Proximity No. 5 by Douglas Malone
"Proximity No. 5"
Douglas Malone
Oil on Canvas - 32x36 inches

Excursion by David FeBland
David FeBland
Oil on Linen

March 12 - April 7

Our annual worldwide call for emerging photographers to compete in one of the nation's premier photography competitions. The 2004 Juror is William F. Stapp, who served as the National Portrait Gallery's first curator of photographs (1976-1991) and is now an independent curator and consultant. Most recently he curated the traveling exhibition "Portrait of the Art World: A Century of ARTnews Photographs." A reception for the selected photographers was held on Friday, March 12 from 6pm - 9pm. To view the selected photographs, click here.

William Stapp
Juror William Stapp addresses the opening night crowd


Mark Adams, Cynthia Armor, James W. Bailey, Thomas Barbey, Ellie Brown, Lourdes Delgado, Jennifer Dunlap, Timothy Edberg, Elshaday Gebreyes, Margaret Geddes, Jane Grossenbacher, Heidi Gruner, Mitch Kern, Frank Kostek, Melissa Laitsch, Nate Larson, Jennifer Leeman, Jessie Lenagh, Deborah Liebman, Belinda Mason Lovering, Heidi Marston Jeff Murphy, Avner Ofer, Helen Osler, Jillian Pichocki, Endie Piper, Michael Pointer, Larry Pomeroy, Michelle Rogers, Steve Rosen, Nada Savic, Jordan Scheiner, Alan Sislen, David Stevens, Jason Sullivan, Marilyn Szabo, Barbara Tyroler, Samantha Wolov, Laura Yang, Barbara Yoshida, Ikh Tamir, Laura Zito

Award Winners

Best in Show - Thomas Barbey
Thomas Barbey - Sowing the Seeds of Love

First Prize - Ellie Brown
Ellie Brown - Emily and Zach

Second Prize - Frank Kostek
Frank Kostek
Frank Kostek - Surfing the Lattice

Third Prize - Heidi Marston
Heidi Marston
Heidi Marston - It's all in my Head

Honorable Mention - James W. Bailey
James W. Bailey - Circle Theatre

Honorable Mention - Nate Larson
Nate Larson photo
Nate Larson - Half Dollar

Honorable Mention - Jeff Murphy
Jeff Murphy - View from Temple

April 9 - May 12

A group exhibition of new work and never before exhibited work by some of the best artists working within the ever growing realist dialogue in the nation and Europe. Including new work by Heather Neill, Rick Pas, Daniel Graziano, Eric Kunde, Yun Jung Kim, David FeBland, Chawky Frenn, John Winslow, Rick Pas, John Jacobsmeyer and many others. An opening reception was held on Friday, April 9 from 6pm - 9pm as part of the Bethesda Art Walk and was one of the best-attended openings of the year.

click here to see more Augustinas
Zygimantas Augustinas Oil on Wood - 15.5 x 23 inches

Click here to see more FeBlands
"Silk Stocking Ramble"
David FeBland
Oil on Wood - 16 x 12 inches

Click here to see more FeBlands
David FeBland
Oil on Canvas - 24 x 36 inches

Click here to see more FeBlands
David FeBland
Oil on Wood - 16 x 12 inches

Click here to see more Chawky Frenn
"Nada. Ello Dira"
Chawky Frenn
Oil on Wood - 14 x 12 inches

Click here to see more Chawky Frenn
"Perdre Avant de Gagner"
Chawky Frenn
Oil on Wood - 48 x 24 inches

Work by Dan Graziano
"County Theater"
Dan Graziano
Oil on Canvas - 36 x 53 inches

Work by Yun Jung Kim
"County Theater"
Yun Jung Kim
Mixed Media - 17.25 x 15.5 inches

Work by Eric Kunde
Eric Kunde
Oil on Canvas - 20 x 16 inches

Work by Susan Makara
"Rockturnal IV"
Susan Makara
Oil and Metallic Leaf on Canvas - 40 x 16 inches

Work by Heather Neill
"Remains of the Day"
Heather Neill
Oil on Wood - 24 x 30 inches framed to 29 x 35

Work by Heather Neill
"Vineyard's Folly"
Heather Neill
Oil on Wood - 15 x 18 inches framed to 24 x 27

Work by Rick Pas
"Pop 99c"
Rick Pas
Acrylic on Board - 50 x 32 inches

Pinch by Laurel Wells
Laurel Wells
Oil on Wood - 24 x 48 inches

Click here to see more John Winslow
"Space Walker"
John Winslow
Oil on Canvas - 60 x 60 inches

May 14 - June 8, 2004

Considered by many to be the finest contemporary glass artist in the region, Tim Tate is a brilliant creative talent who has gone beyond mastery of the technical skills of the art of fine art glass and is now pushing the genre into new areas where content is the prime force behind the work. Tate marries his artwork with intelligent ideas and conceptual dialogues that bring forth reactions, opinions and set forward a whole new conversation and path for the genre of fine art glass.

Using events and details from his personal life as well as public issues, Tate incorporates this as a rich set of conceptual ideas so that his work is no longer about the technical frontier of the art glass genre, or the use of colors and forms – it is all that and more.

How? Tate breaks new ground by adding a new vocabulary to the genre: A vocabulary made of content that requires and understanding of what the artist wants to express. In doing so, Tate has absolutely changed and refined his art and vision, a change that was first kindled by the death of his mother, which he expressed by an obsessive desire to create small, beautiful glass hearts, which have nothing to do with religion, but childhood memories of JFK imagery in his home. In another series of works, undefined forms within tall cylindrical towers of nebulous glass come into focus as the towers are spun – defining symbols and crosses that represent cures for diseases, both physical and cultural.

Tate studied at Dale Chihuly’s Pilchuck Glass School in Washington state, Corning Glass in New York and Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. His work is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery.

An opening reception was held on Friday, May 14 from 6pm - 9pm. You can see the exhibition online here and you can see earlier work by Tate here. This show has been picked and recommended by The Washington Post and was a Best Bet in WETA TV "Around Town" and you can read the Washington City Paper review here.

Click here to see the exhibition
"Side view of main gallery wall"
Click on the photo to see the exhibition

June 11 - August 9, 2004

A group exhibition of contemporary photography by emerging and established photographers from the United States and abroad, including new work by Hugh Shurley, Viktor Koen, Nate Larson, Heidi Marston, Prescott Lassman, Elena Volkov, Andrew Glickman, Joyce Tenneson, Cirenaica Moreira, Marta Maria Perez Bravo, Virginia Caputo, Grace Weston, Rachel Scheron, Elsa Mora, Deborah Nofret Marrero and many others. An opening reception was held on Friday, June 11 from 6pm - 9pm. This show is a "Hot Pick" in the Washington Post and read the review in the Washington City Paper here.

A photo by Grace Weston

"The Choice" by Grace Weston

A photo by Elena Volkov

"Untitled No. 13" by Elena Volkov

A photo by Scott Lassman

"Black Goggles" by Presscott Lassmann

A photo by Cirenaica Moreira

"Libertad es una palabra enorme"
(Freedom is a huge word)
Gelatin Silver Print by Cirenaica Moreira
Image is handprinted from the negative onto 20x16 inches (50x40 cm) and matted in a pH-balanced, acid free archival white rag bookmat to 24x20 inches (61x51 cm).

August 13 - September 8, 2004

Our Summer Group Show of gallery artists and invited artists as well as prizewinners from the VII Georgetown International Art Competition in a six week exhibition at Fraser Gallery Bethesda. “Representing Representation” displays the gallery’s core focus: contemporary realism – often the most ignored genre of contemporary art.

What is contemporary realism? It is representational work with a bite. Work that delivers a social message, a cultural idea, a sexual point of view or perhaps a political idea. It is work that uses contemporary ideas and dialogues to continue to expand the field of representational art. You will not find contemporary realism in hotels or airports or most public art commissions in the United States, as most contemporary art that gets offered in public venues avoids confrontation or raising questions in the viewer.

“I’ll give you six months,” we were told when we first opened in Georgetown by a well-known art critic when we explained to him that we intended to concentrate on contemporary realism, rather than try to cover all facets of modern art or bend with the latest offerings. Nearly eight years and a second gallery later, we are still here, offering work that is technically well-done, visually challenging and culturally self-sufficient.

In “Representing Representation,” we offer an annual summer group show that exposes the newest work by the artists and photographers represented by the Fraser Gallery. This version includes work by David FeBland, Chawky Frenn, Scott Hutchison, Adam Bradley, John Jacobsmeyer, Andrew Wodzianski, Cirenaica Moreira, Sandra Ramos, Marta Maria Perez Bravo, Jacqueline Zerquera, Andrzej Pluta, Elsa Mora, Catriona Fraser, Lida Moser, Joyce Tenneson, Molly Springfield, Nina Chung Dwyer, Jared Miller, F. Lennox Campello, Maxwell MacKenzie, Tim Tate, Sara Wegner and Priscilla Young. The gallery will be closed for vacation the last two weeks of August.

oil by Molly Springfield
"Just Say It Is"
16x20 inches - Oil on Panel circa 2003
Molly Springfield

painting by Sandra Ramos
"Isla Prision: Prisioneros del Tiempo" (Island Prison: Prisoners of Time)
Acrylic on canvas circa 2004
19.5 x 25.5 inches (50 x 65 cm)
Sandra Ramos

mixed media by Sheila Giolitti
Mixed Media, circa 2004
21 x 19 inches
Sheila Giolitti

Glass Sculpture by Tim Tate
"16 Paths to Heaven or Hell"
Glass and Steel, circa 2004
16.5 x 66 inches
Tim Tate

Glass Sculpture by Tim Tate
"16 Political Concepts"
Glass and Steel, circa 2004
16.5 x 66 inches
Tim Tate

Oil on Wood by Priscilla Young
"Textured Skins"
Oil on Wood, circa 2004
48 x 24 inches
Priscilla Young

Oil on Canvas by Jacqueline Zerquera Tejada
"Cara y Pies"
Oil on Canvas, circa 2004
x inches
Jacqueline Zerquera Tejada

September 10 - October 6

Opening reception Sept 10 from 6-9 PM. The New York Times wrote about Frenn’s work: “Chawky Frenn is a painter who has nailed down the figurative mode, and this accomplishment gives him the license to convey anything he wants, including the grand theme: the elusive meaning of human existence.” Frenn, who teaches at George Mason University, marries intense political, sexual and religious imagery in his work. This will be his second solo show at Fraser Gallery. More work and information about Chawky Frenn can be found online. See more work by Chawky Frenn here. You can also read the feature about Frenn by The Washington City Paper here and read the Washington Post review here, and The Gazette here.

Main Wall by Chawky Frenn
Main Gallery Wall
Chawky Frenn
Oils on Wood

Teach Me by Chawky Frenn
Teach Me
14 x 11 inches
Chawky Frenn
Oil on Panel

Don't you Wish by Chawky Frenn
Don't You Wish I was Blind
32 x 24 inches
Chawky Frenn
Oil on Panel

October 8 - November 10

Consistently one of our best-selling artists and fresh from his first solo show in Germany we will host the fourth DC area solo by New York painter David Febland, whose extraordinary work has been called "unforgettable" by Art in America, and "brash, bizarre and beautifully painted oils of life in the Big Apple" by the Washington Post. David FeBland: Re-inventing the Ashcan School. Opening reception Oct 8 from 6-9 PM. See the entire exhibition online here and read the Washington Times "Hot Pick" here.

David FeBland painting
"Accidental Couple"
David FeBland
Oil on Canvas - 52 x 66 inches

November 12 - December 8, 2004

Following our blockbuster 2003 show, we showcase the best of three contemporary Cuban artists from Cuba and Cuban Diaspora. The exhibition features the work of Carlos Alfonzo, Sandra Ramos and Jacqueline Zerquera Tejedor.

The exhibition includes new works by Sandra Ramos and Jacqueline Zerquera Tejedor, as well as works from the Estate of Carlos Alfonzo. These artists represent three generations of Cuban contemporary artists. Alfonzo is regarded as one of the most important Cuban artists in recent years (he died in 1991), while Ramos is without a doubt the most talked-about and one of the most collected contemporary Cuban artists alive today (in the collection of many American museums already). Zerquera is a very respected Havana artist who is now emerging in the international scene.

Opening reception was on Friday, Nov. 12 from 6-9 PM. In addition to our famous Sangria, we also had Cuban music, Mojitos and Cuba Libres. Part of the Bethesda Art Walk, which now provides free walking tours of the various participating galleries.

Prisoners of Time by Sandra Ramos
Prisioneros del Tiempo (Prisoners of Time)
Sandra Ramos Lorenzo
Oil on Canvas c. 2004

By Jacqueline Zerquera
El Pan Nuestro (Our Daily Bread)
Jacqueline Zerquera Tejedor
Oil on Canvas c. 2004

December 10 - January 12, 2005

A group exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture by artists represented by the Fraser Gallery. Including new work by David FeBland, Tim Tate, Syl Mathis, Douglas Malone, Natalie Garrett, Aimee Gracia Marrero, Sandra Ramos and many others. An opening reception was held on Friday, December 10 from 6pm - 9pm.

glass by Syl Mathis
Glass - 4 x 18 inches
Syl Mathis

See more work by Syl Mathis here.

Nica's Dream by David FeBland
"Nica's Dream"
Oil on Linen - 30 x 52 inches
David FeBland

See more work by David FeBland here.

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