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Hi Kate,

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop last weekend, and also meeting you!

Every minute of the workshop was valuable, and as an experienced facilitator, instructional designer and artist, I have to say -- that is unusual! You provided excellent advice for the novice as well as the "experienced" artist who is perhaps taking unnecessary detours.

Thanks again,


February, 2014



Dear Catriona,

I want to thank you for taking the time to come to the Griffin Art Center on Sunday to present such an excellent seminar on the topic of art marketing. Although I have been painting for a while, I have not ventured into this area for several reasons, one being that I hardly knew anything about the field.

You have solved that problem for me. Thank you! Your lecture was so helpful because I now have a clearer idea of what the various pathways look like and I can make a more informed choice.

Most sincerely and gratefully,


June, 2013



Dear Kate,

While I had been able to support myself through sales of my art for over 15 years, your seminar led me to markets I hadn't considered, and offered a plan for an extended future in the art world. I left the seminar feeling invigorated, focused and motivated...within weeks, my fine art show and competition results had improved.

Over 1 year later, I'm still benefitting from taking your seminar. While the seminar is aimed at emerging artists, it certainly has value to any artist aspiring to make a living from their art work.

Thanks again,


December, 2011



Hi Catriona,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful and enlightening seminar on Sunday. I had no clue how many opportunities are available to artists here. The way you presented the seminar was impeccable. Very clear and to the point, yet fun and engaging. You are making a huge contribution to Art by conducting this workshop. You are truly an inspiration for young and upcoming artists like me.

Thank you




Hello Catriona,

I took your "Success as an Artist" seminar on Sunday at the Washington School of Photography and I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed it very much and found it tremendously informative. I appreciated the enthusiasm and directness in which you presented the information and answered our questions. Truly eye opening. I got exactly what I was looking for. It was a Sunday well spent for me! I will recommend your seminar highly to fellow aspiring artists.

Kindest Regards




Dear Ms. Fraser,

Your workshop yesterday was wonderful. I have been an artist for 30 years and have been doing many of the things you suggested, but I learned so much more from you in 1 day than I have in the many years that I have been working hard as a painter and photographer.

Thanks again, the seminar was a complete success.




Dear Ms. Fraser,

I attended your "Success as an Artist" seminar on Sunday. You are very generous with your information and presented it with admirable organization. I'm sure to continue referring to my notes and your CD as I find my way to becoming a successful, professional artist.

Thanks for the inspiration.




Dear Kate,

I throughly enjoyed your class on Sunday. I left with a structured list of "To Do's" and a lot of inspiration...exactly what I needed.

Your knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject, your show of support, and ALL the information was (and is) above and beyond!

Thank you so much,




Dear Kate,

Your presentation was very complete and I appreciate all of the supplementary handouts. So often, seminars are a rehash of familiar material, but everything was new to me.

Thank you,




Hi Kate,

Thanks for a great class!. You gave us a lot of useful information that we can use to help us get started. I especially appreciated the information on the CD and in the resource packet. I've taken a couple of workshops where the handouts were simply phrases or questions with space to add our notes. To me these were pretty useless. I like handouts like yours, where complete information is provided that we can print out, save and refer to.

Thanks again for a great class!




Dear Kate,

Thank you for this seminar. All the information and advice was extremely helpful. The world of art galleries and fairs was a complete mystery to me and I had very little idea of how to approach it, but I feel more confident now.

Thanks again




Dear Catriona,

After perusing the information on the CD you gave us, I have joined 3 mailing lists and downloaded 2 applications for juried shows. Thank you so very much for your generosity, Kate. Like a friendly slap upside the head, your shared knowledge has undoubtedly enabled me to take charge of my career. Thank you for all.




Dear Ms. Fraser,

Thank you so much for teaching the "Success as an Artist" seminar. The information I learned was priceless. I now feel as if I have a stronger direction to go in. It's beat any art marketing book that I've read.

Sincerely, Robin Walker




Thank you very much for a very informative seminar. You presented it with a great sense of humor and realism. The avenues you mentioned for beginners are very useful.




Dear Catriona,

Your seminar on How to Succeed as an Artist has been a tremendous help to me. The information you presented during the course of the workshop has proven to be invaluable.

Ron Riley




This week I had occasion to refer to the materials from your course as I prepared a portfolio for submission to a gallery. I wanted to say thank you for both an excellent class and your outstanding resource CD. I've referred to it for the sample cover letter, resume, and statement of provenance, and it has been a source of sanity for which you have my undying gratitude.

Other benefits of the course is that I have a good idea what kind of gallery to apply to (co-op) and a realistic view of my chances based on my meager resume (slim). All in all, an invaluable session.

Thank you!





I've been meaning to email you and let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar. I liked your straight forward approach and clear cut advice. I appreciate the way you organized the day and your packet of information. I had been doing some things right but just not following through, I feel like I am ready to do that now. Thank you again for the seminar.

Pat Clubine



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