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David FeBland

September 8 - November 4, 2006

Fraser Gallery is pleased to present collideAscope, the fifth solo exhibition of paintings by British born, NYC based artist, David FeBland.

The New York Times has called him “the leading edge of the new urban realists.” Other critics have also been impressed by his work. The Washington Post described the paintings as “brash, bizarre and beautifully painted oils of life in the Big Apple.” A second Washington Post critic wrote that “FeBland’s oil paintings have been compared to a modern rebirth of the Ashcan School and his portrayal of New York and its citizens delivers a visual punch that positions him on the leading edge of the new urban realism.” Art in America described his work as doing "a kind of Ashcan School at a raw hip-hop pace... unforgettable!”

About his most recent work, Febland writes; Some years ago, I began to produce paintings that expressed my best and worst impulses. Depicting elements I both feared and loved, I imbued anonymous figures with swaggering power, elevated faceless nobodies to subject status and filled the picture plane with stalking female mastodons, all in the service of expressing the anxiety of my urban life.

Adversity loves company, and while Iiving and working in New York, I found myself in the perfect place to observe the tribulations of others while forgetting about my own.

The body of work you will see at Fraser explores the ever-modulating space between aspiration and reality. It’s an uncomfortable space for some, that sense of not quite being where or what you think you are – a mental state filled with frission not unlike the combustible edge of colliding urban neighborhoods, its corporeal equivalent. After depicting just such city spaces for many years, I grew to understand that the concept of an edge - or more precisely the gap between them - was as much a state of mind as a physical reality and therefore eminently transportable. And so you see before you a body of vaguely autobiographical paintings embracing a variety of settings reflecting my everyday life, my travels grand and mundane, realized and imaginary.”


Unless otherwise noted, artwork is available. Please call 301/718-9651 or email the gallery for more information.

Big Box Theory
"Big Box Theory"
Oil on Linen. 18 x 36 inches

Oil on Wood. 16 x 12 inches

Oil on Canvas. 24 x 18 inches

Oil on Linen. 18 x 36 inches

Head to Heaven
"Head to Heaven"
Oil on Canvas. 28 x 52 inches

Oil on Canvas. 44 x 72 inches

Oil on Canvas. 36 x 84 inches

Laws of Physics
"Laws of Physics"
Oil on Canvas. 32 x 42 inches

Oil on Canvas. 24 x 18 inches

Not Kansas
"Not Kansas"
Oil on Canvas. 48 x 42 inches

No trip to Hungary
"No Trip to Hungary"
Oil on Panel. 18 x 24 inches

Path of Escape
"Path of Escape"
Oil on Linen. 18 x 36 inches

Oil on Canvas. 18 x 24 inches

Oil on Canvas. 24 x 18 inches

Samba Sabado
"Samba Sabado"
Oil on Canvas. 48 x 72 inches

Sex Sells
"Sex Sells"
Oil on Canvas. 42 x 32 inches

Slated for Removal
"Slated for Removal"
Oil on Linen. 18 x 26 inches

Stages of Dan
"Stages of Dan"
Oil on Canvas. 18 x 36 inches

Oil on Canvas. 44 x 50 inches

The Last cassette
"The Last Cassette"
Oil on Canvas. 28 x 52 inches

The New Land
"The New Land"
Oil on Canvas. 24 x 36 inches

Oil on Panel. 20 x 16 inches

Watching You
"Watching You"
Oil on Canvas. 24 x 36 inches

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