The 2002 Bethesda International Photography Competition

The following photographers and their works were selected by juror Maxwell MacKenzie from a field of over 300 photographic entries. The work will be on exhibit and sale through the Fraser Gallery. For information and entry forms for the 2003 competition, click here.

Award Winners

Forest MacCormack - Best in Show
Chris Sidhall - First Prize
Christa Leonard - Second Prize
Dan Zaitz - Third Prize
Lyn Markey - Honorable Mention
Benjamin Espey - Honorable Mention
Amy Boles - Honorable Mention

Selected Photographers

William Atkins
Bob Axel
John Babineau
Amy Boles
Zoe Campagna
Stacey Cramp
Stuart Diekmeyer
Gary Ell
Steve Ember
Benjamin Espey
Glenn Friedel
Andrew Z. Glickman
Michael Hersey
Knut Hybinette
Carolyn Johnson
Richard LaBarbera
Elizabeth Magic Laser
Ralph Lindeman
Christa Leonard
Lynn Markey
Adrienne Mills
Andy McCormack
Forrest MacCormack
Patrick Ryan
Diana Schneider
Chris Sidhall
Dan Zaitz


Times Square

Times Square, New York City
William Atkins 7.25x10.75 inches, $440

Pleasure, Pain by Bernard

Pleasure Pain
Bernard, 8x12 inches, framed to 17x21, $260

White Light Flight by Bernard

White Light Flight
Bernard, 8x12 inches, framed to 17x21, $260

Mother by Amy Boles

Amy Boles, 15x15 inches, framed to 24x24, $325

Lucca at Dusk

Lucca at Dusk
Stacey Cramp, 8x8 inches, framed to 14x18 inches, $225

San Lorenzo Beasts

San Lorenzo Beasts
Stacey Cramp, 8x8 inches, framed to 14x18 inches, $225

Wild Willow

Wild Willow
Stuart Diekmeyer, 13.25x17 inches, framed to 22x26 inches, $400


Homeless, NYC
Gary Ell, 10x14 inches, framed to 16x20 inches, $900

Domplatz (Innsbruck)

Domplatz, Innsbruck
Steve Ember, 24x16 inches framed to 30x22 inches $650

Mt. Blanc Climbers

Mont Blanc Climbers
Steve Ember, 16x24 inches framed to 22x30 inches, $500

Espey 1

Benjamin Espey, 9.5x7.5 inches, framed to 16x20 inches, $400

Espey 1

Benjamin Espey, 9.5x7.5 inches, framed to 16x20 inches, $400

Invisble Woman

Invisible Woman
Glenn Friedel, 14.5x15 inches, $500

Children Boxing

Children Boxing
Andrew Z. Glickman, 11.5x17.5 inches, framed to 20.75x24.75 inches, $975


Michael Hersey, 7.5x11 inches framed to 16x20 inches, $225

Picasso-like wall

Picasso-like Wall
Carolyn Johnson, 12.5x19.5 inches framed to 19.5x26.5 inches, $450

Jefferson Memorial Dome

Jefferson Memorial Dome
Ralph Lindeman, 8x11.5 inches, framed to 16x20 inches, $275

Great Falls

Great Falls
Forrest MacCormack, 18.75x23 inches, framed to 34x38 inches, $1,225


Adrienne Mills, 8x12 inches, framed to 11.75x16, $250


Patrick Ryan, 9x10 framed to 15x15 inches, $250

Two Walrus

Two Walrus
Dan Zaitz, 14x17 inches, framed to 20x24, $450


Dan Zaitz, 12.5x16.5 inches, framed to 20x24, $450

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