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Updated on December 15, 2000

Our shows for 2000


January 21 - February 16, 2000

Printmakers represented by the Fraser Gallery as well as invited printmakers from the U.S., France and Cuba join for a group show dedicated to the art of the print. Etchings, linocuts, mezzotints, lithographs and other printmaking genres by Foust, Grant Silverstein, Alejandro Escobedo, James Skvarch, John Jacobsmeyer and David Bruner. We will also include works by Cuban printmaker Niurka Iņurrieta, the first works ever exhibited in the United States by this respected artist. Unfortunately Srta. Iņurrieta's visa has been denied by the US and she was not be able to attend the opening reception which took place on Friday, January 21, 2000 from 6-9 PM in spite of snow and ice and Arctic temperatures in Washington. Read several reviews of this show here.

Etching by Niurka Etching by Niurka

Two Etchings by Niurka Iņurrieta


February 18 - March 15, 2000

We discovered Scott Hutchison at Art-O-Matic, a Washington arts extravaganza that took place early this year. Art-O-Matic was a 300-artist plus exhibition organized in 1999 by an ad-hoc group of artists. Randy Asplund is a brilliant artist and illustrator whose work has been part of the visual development of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and other such classic science fiction icons. This will be the official Washington gallery debut for both these talented artists. An opening reception was held on Friday, February 18, 2000 from 6-9 PM despite a huge explosion which closed several streets around the gallery and snarled traffic in Georgetown all night! A second reception was held on Friday, February 25 from 6-9 PM. Read several reviews of this show here

Randy Asplund - 18x24 Acrylic & Alkyd. Model kit cover for Revell/Monogram.

Enterprise B

Randy Asplund - Acrylic & Alkyd. Model Kit Cover for Revell/Monogram Models

Former Self

Her Former Self by Scott Hutchison


March 17 - April 19, 2000

Our annual juried art competition. Open to all artists and this year juried by Margarida Kendall Hull, not only a brilliant Washington artist but also a respected Professor of Art at George Mason University. We hold this competition once a year as a means to look at work by artists who otherwise may not get exhibition opportunities in the Washington area. About 275 entries with over 1,000 pieces of art are received and about 25 artists are usually selected by the independent juror. Over $1,500 are awarded in cash prizes and the Best of Show winner will exhibit in a solo show in 2001. Other award winners will also be invited to exhibit in group shows next year! Click here for more information and an entry form for next year's competition. This year, Prof. Kendall Hull selected 26 entries from 23 different artists. To see many of the entries, click here and to read the great review of this show in the Washington Post, click here. An opening reception for all artists was held on Friday, March 17, 2000 from 6-9 PM. The juror selected the following artists to receive awards:

First Place - Aileen Fallah
Second Place - Sheila Giolitti
Third Place - Zygimantas Augustinas
Honorable Mention - Erica Brotman
Honorable Mention - Yvonne Muinde
Honorable Mention - David Bartlett

Accepted Artists

Zygimantas Augustinas, Lithuania
Scott Bagnall, Pennsylvania
David Bartlett, Kentucky
Janice Basiletti, New Hampshire
Erica Brotman, Washington, DC
Elizabeth Castiglione, Pennsylvania
Jane Cloe, Alaska
Aylene Fallah, Virginia
Sheila Giolitti, Virginia
Leah Renee Gregoire, Michigan
Scott Hutchison, Washington, DC
Hannamari Jolovaara, Canada
Steven Kenny, Virginia
Joachim Knill, Massachusetts
Allegra Marquart, Maryland
Marius Martinescu, Romania
Eleanor Meier, New York
Yvonne Muinde, California
Carol Reinhardt, California
Natalie Schorr, North Carolina
Doug Smithenry, Illinois
Marjorie St. Onge, Michigan
Sharon Tauber, Washington


"Thus Far and No Farther" by Aylene Fallah


April 21 - May 17, 2000

Erik Sandberg is one of the most brilliant young painters in the Washington area. Already collected by some very important entities in the nation's capital, this will be Sandberg's first commercial gallery debut in Washington. He is joined by John Jacobsmeyer, an acclaimed New England painter whose work (like Sandberg's) often explores the surreal and the imaginary. This is also Jacobsmeyer's debut in Washington. A reception for both these very talented painters was held on Friday, April 21, 2000 from 6-9 PM. Read the terrific reviews of this exhibition by the Washington Post here.

Erik Artwork

Untitled by Erik Sandberg

Birth by John Jacobsmeyer


May 19 - June 14, 2000

DC artist Greg Denton draws, paints, sculpts and writes poetry. He considers himself to be primarily a figurative painter. Equally versed in color or strictly black and white, Denton borrows from his background and life experiences in order to paint the sensuous figures that he loves. The paintings have a story to tell and his subjects cause the viewer to ponder just what they have to "say", but the painter leaves it up to the individual to discover whatever that might be. A reception for this brilliant painter was held on Friday, May 19, 2000 from 6-9 PM.

"...in this Valley of Tears" by Greg Denton


June 16 - July 19, 2000

The Best of Show winner from our 1999 Juried Art Competition makes her Washington, DC debut. She hails from the other Washington, and this Seattle artist had her opening reception from 6-9 PM on Friday, June 16. Reviews of this show by the Washington Post, the Georgetown Current, Georgetown Crier and Washingtonpost.com can be read here.

The Blue Dress

The Blue Dress by Amy Williams Middleton


July 21 - August 16, 2000

An exhibition of paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture by invited artists, artists represented by the gallery as well as the award winners from our annual juried art competition! Includes new work by David FeBland, a terrific new sculpture by Adam Bradley and more work by Catriona Fraser, Katie Kaufman, Joe Shannon, Jamie Wimberly, Tucker Bobst, F. Lennox Campello, Jerry Coulter, D. Greg Denton, Sheila Giolitti, John Jacobsmeyer, Nancy Jeffrey, Diane Kahlo, Russell Mehlman, John Salminen, Teresa Schmidt, and Mary Swann.

Three Women by Silverstein

Family by Grant Silverstein


August 18 - September 13, 2000

Our annual homage to an artist whose work and life cross borders and time. This year we honor Norman Rockwell and our show runs concurrently with the major Rockwell retrospective in Washington, DC's Corcoran Museum of Art. This exhibition focuses on the work of artists who have re-interpreted Rockwell's iconic artwork in a year 2000 setting or who honor the American master in some way via their artwork.

Guy Mondo

Back to School by Guy Mondo

Anton's Rockwell Dalified, a great piece by America's premier Surrealist

Rockwell ... Dalified by Anton Brzezinski
From Rockwell's "Freedom of Faith"

Catching the Wind

Catching the Wind by Piero Bagolini

Kennedy Cover

Rockwell's Kennedy Cover by Barbara Januszkiewicz

Waiting Room

Dr. Bender's Waiting Room by John Corrao


Norman's Bounty by Gerard de la Cruz

Our Norman

Our Norman by Gerard de la Cruz

Open 'Til Five

Open 'Til Five by Nancy Devine

Dads First Car

Dad's First Car by Betty Harper

Western Hero

Western Hero by Betty Harper

Summer Hang-Out

Summer Hang-Out by Penny Hauffe


The Magician by Irena Roman

The Gossips

The Gossips by Joanna Spaziani


September 15 - October 18, 2000

The work of Katie Dell Kaufman is arresting in its visual power and presence. She pushes the limit of two-dimensional art with her work, which incorporates drawing and painting into found and constructed objects which deliver a creative conception and idea. Nancy Jeffreys is one of the nation's top muralists, but her small, intimate paintings also manage to capture a strange world of made up elements where the distinction between reality and surrealism meld and blend. This will be the formal DC gallery debut for both these young artists. An opening reception was held on Friday, September 15 from 6-9 PM.

a beautiful 3D piece by this brilliant artist

Genetic Inevitability by Katie Kaufman

a stunning oil by this terrific muralist

Courtyard by Nancy Jeffrey


October 20 - November 15, 2000

New York painter Chris Ford, Rhode Island painter Joanna Morway and William Berry, former Chair of the Art Department at the University of Missouri, Columbia share the gallery this month. These three very talented artists were prize winners from our 1999 Juried Art Competition, selected by Joe Shannon, former curator of the Hirshhorn Museum, and as part of the competition's award prize structure, they will share the gallery for a three person show. An opening reception was held on Friday, October 20 from 6-9 PM.

Morway art

Joanna Morway

chris ford art

"Erin" by Chris Ford

william berry art

"Homage to Zurbaran" by William Berry


November 17 - December 13

With several new images from a summer trip to Scotland, Catriona Fraser opened her fifth solo show at Fraser Gallery with "The Seven Celtic Nations Project, Part One: Scotland (Year Nine). This exhibition delivered one of the best in her ten year quest to document the medieval ruins, stone circles and Pictish standing stones of Caledonia. The opening reception was Friday, November 17 from 6-9 PM, and she sold 32 photographs.

Dunrobin Castle
"Dunrobin Castle"
Limited Edition B&W Infrared Photo, Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
11" x 14" matted to 20" x 24."
$250 Framed or $195 Matted

Kennedy Castle
"Kennedy Castle"
Limited Edition B&W Infrared Photo, Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
11" x 14" matted to 20" x 24."
$250 Framed or $195 Matted

Culzean Castle
"Culzean Castle"
Limited Edition B&W Infrared Photo, Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
11" x 14" matted to 20" x 24."
$250 Framed or $195 Matted

Caerlaverock Castle
"Caerlaverock Castle"
Limited Edition B&W Infrared Photo, Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
11" x 14" matted to 20" x 24."
$250 Framed or $195 Matted


December 15 - January 17, 2001

New figurative drawings in charcoal with a consistent influence by the surreal, the erotic and the legendary. This year's show is called "Literary Drawings," and consists of 20 drawings about the writing of the life of such diverse authors as Seutonius, Anais Nin, Che Guevara, Jose Marti, Stephen King, Camille Paglia, Gunther Grass, Harlan Ellison and others. Opening reception was on Friday, December 15 from 6-9 PM. Read the review of the show here.

Portrait of Frida Kahlo
Portrait of Frida Kahlo
Charcoal on Paper, 8" x 17" (framed to 20"x30")

Portrait of Che Guevara
Portrait of Che Guevara
Charcoal on Paper, 5" x 17" (framed to 8"x20")

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