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Our shows for 1999

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A photography exhibition featuring the works of gallery and invited photographers. The exhibition included work by Ansel Adams, Catriona Fraser, Nancy Andrews, MaryEllen Malinowski, Rob Mueller, Elizabeth Chucker, Malcolm Sharp, Karen Watendewao, Florence Flax, Danny Conant, Tamaki Obuchi, Rebecca D'Angelo and Tim McCoy. The opening reception was on Friday, January 15, 1999 from 6-9 PM and two photographs were sold.. Read the Washington Post's review of this show here.

Ansel Adams - Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada


A well known art critic from the Washington Post is fond of saying that "there are no young artists in DC." With Adam Bradley, the Fraser Gallery will debut the work of one of most talented young sculptors in the Greater Washington area. Bradley works with found objects to create stunning figurative sculptures which deliver emotions, fear, love and even shock. This is one of the hottest artists in Washington and one of the most talented as well. This is Bradley's first solo show - Read the Washington City Paper review here. A reception for Bradley was held on Friday, 19 February 1999 from 6-10 PM. Six sculptures were sold.


Georgetown's only international juried art show. Over $1,500 in cash prizes as well as a solo show for the Best of Show winner and exhibition opportunities for all other award winners. This year, the show was selected by artist, writer and teacher Joe Shannon, former curator of the Hirshhorn Museum of Washington, DC and former Professor at the Corcoran School of Art, also in DC. Shannon, who currently teaches at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, MD. Joe is one of Washington's most respected artists. A catered opening reception for all accepted artists was held on Friday, 19 March 1999. Work by the following artists was selected for the exhibition: Amy Williams Middleton, Chris Ford, Mary Swann, Rebecca D'Angelo, Susan Carney, Lora Shelley, Teresa Schmidt, Joanna Morway, John Corrao, Rebecca Orris, Joachim Knill, Walter Neagle, Mark Abrahamson, Tom Lee, Cecelia Feld, Nathan Ritterpusch, William Berry, Candace Faber, Phyllis Furdell, Patrick Moser, Gregory Van De Rostyne, Richard Laurent, Russell Mehlman, Claudia Kleefeld, Guinever Smith, Michael Depraida, Jamie D'zuris, Jeffery Timander Cote de Luna and Nick Patten.

Best in Show - Amy Williams Middleton
First Place - Chris Ford
Second Place - William Berry
Third Place - Joanna Morway
Honorable Mention - Teresa Schmidt
Honorable Mention - Mary Swann
Honorable Mention - Russell Mehlman

Best in Show

"Dress" By Amy Williams Middleton


This talented artist from Lexington, Kentucky established herself as a brilliant painter in the early 1990's, but her pedigree runs deep. Her grandfather was one of the cousins of Wilhelm Kahlo, whose daughter, Frida Kahlo became one of the greatest artists of all time in the mid 20th century. This is her most recent work and her debut in Washington, DC. A reception for Diane Kahlo was held on Friday, 16 April 1999.

Self Portrait


An exhibition of paintings, sculpture, lino-cuts and drawings related to the themes of fantasy, surrealism and mythology. The exhibition will include work by Grant Silverstein, David Febland, James Skvarch, Tucker Bobst, Margarida Kendall, Joe Shannon, Randy Asplund, Nancy Jeffrey, Foust, Adam Bradley, F. Lennox Campello, Eric Sandberg and Katie Kaufman. An opening reception was held on Friday, May 21 1999 from 6-9pm. Five pieces were sold.

"The Doll's House" by Margarida Kendall


John Salminen won the Best of Show award in the 1998 Georgetown International Art Competition. As part of his prize he will have an exhibition of his beautiful watercolor paintings at the gallery in June. An opening reception was held on Friday, June 18 1999 and the paintings were on exhibit until July 15, 1999. One painting was sold.


New work by artists represented by the Fraser Gallery will be on display this month. Work by David Febland, Catriona Fraser, F. Lennox Campello, Katie Kaufman, Scott Hutchison, John Jacobsmeyer, Randy Asplund, Foust, Grant Silverstein, Adam Bradley, Erik Sandberg, MaryEllen Malinowski, Ted Kliman, Diane Kahlo, Bonnie Printz, Greg Denton, Danny Conant and Nancy Jeffrey will be on display. Ruth Clinard, John Corrao and Joe Bascom were awarded Honorable Mentions at the 1998 Georgetown International Art Competition and they will also have work in this exhibition. An opening reception was held on Friday, 16 July 1999 from 6-9 PM. Eight pieces were sold.

David Febland


Each year the Fraser Gallery selects a personality whose influence on art and world culture crosses borders and national identities. Over 1,500 art lovers attended the reception for the 1997 exhibition, which was focused on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo - Over seven million people have visited that web site! The 1998 Modern Icon exhibition was devoted to Spanish master Pablo Picasso. Both exhibitions were widely reviewed in various local and national art magazines and newspapers. The 1999 exhibition focuses on Spanish master Salvador Dali. 23 artists were selected from the nearly 300 entries that we received from many states, Europe, Canada and Latin America. The work was on exhibition at the Fraser Gallery from August 20 until September 15, 1999 but all the images can still be seen here and you can read the show reviews here. The following artists were selected:

Antanas Adomitis, Congers, New York - "Butterfly"
Greg Barkley, Wilmington, Delaware - "Chester BBQ"
Anton Brzezinski, Arlington, Texas - "Homage to Dali"
Julie Buckley, Potomac, Maryland - "Hardball"
Dianne Bugash, Kensington, Maryland - "Eternity"
Gerard de la Cruz, Arlington, Virginia - "Dali's Dream"
Jerry de la Cruz, Denver, Colorado -"Nightscape"
'Bip' Frederick Diggs, Washington, D.C. - "Nosotros Somos Uno"
Alejandro Escobedo, Medellin, Colombia - "Metamorfosis de Dali"
Peter Excho, Washington, D.C. - "The Way I Sea Dali"
John-Mark Gleadow, Lincoln, Delaware - "Bridging the Imbecilic"
Gary Wayne Golden, Little Rock, Arkansas - "Salvador's Deli"
Rebecca Hackemann, New York, New York - "Madame de St. Ange"
Pahl Hluchan, Wilmington, Delaware - "Extra Family Values Meal"
Mildred Kaye, Saddle Brook, New Jersey - "Homage to Dali"
Katie Dell Kaufman, Takoma Park, Maryland - "The Promise"
Vin Luong, Peoria, Illinois - "Potrait of Dali Before the Portals of Time"
Mihai Manea, Ottawa, Canada - "Prayer"
Stan Repar, Toronto, Canada - "Dali's Cave"
Clarence Schumaker, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland - "Etc"
Todd Snyder, East Peoria, Illinois - "Dali Watches"
Patrick Wing, Poughkeepsie, New York - "Flower Power Dali"
Roberto Won, Silver Spring, Maryland - "Reloj de Dali"

"Nosotros Somos Uno" by Frederick Diggs


New York painter David Febland has had three successful appearances in Washington. During the first two at Fraser, he won an award at the 1997 Georgetown International Art Competition, and later in his three person show, received a terrific review in the Washington Post. His solo show at the Arts Club of Washington also received extensive critical acclaim from WETA's Around Town critics. This is his first Washington, DC gallery solo show and a reception was held on Friday, September 17, 1999 from 6-9 PM and six pieces were sold. Several reviews have been written about this show and they can all be read here.


The three prize winners from the 1999 Georgetown Fine Arts Competition share the gallery's walls for a one month exhibition of their work. A reception for the artists was held on Friday, October 15, 1999 from 6-9PM. One painting was sold.


"Young Boy" by Fred Doloresco


On Easter Day of 685 history records that King Bridei of the Picts destroyed the largest invading Army ever to set foot in Scotland. The battle which followed, called the Battle of Nechtansmere by the English and Dunnichen by the Picts, remains one of the most significant turning points in ancient history and had Bridei lost that great battle, the Scotland of today would not exist and all of Britain would have been English. When it was over, the King ordered a stone to be carved and stood in the Angus valley to commemorate the great victory.

It is stones such as this which make the core of the subjects of British photographer Catriona Fraser's body of works. Her photography concentrates exclusively on the historical subjects of Scotland. Pictish stones, ancient ruins, mythical landscapes, megalithic stone circles, medieval fortresses and forgotten cemeteries all recorded in the brooding, ethereal media of B&W infrared film make up a project begun in 1992 to record the astounding history of the Scottish countryside.

"Photographs of Scotland" opens on November 19, 1999 for a two week exhibition at the Fraser Gallery with a reception for the photographer and gallery owner. The opening also marks the gallery's third anniversary and the beginning of its fourth year.

Old Kilmadock Cemetery


Dec 3, 1999 - Jan 19, 2000

In his fourth solo at Fraser Gallery, Campello has selected 25 new drawings which cover a diverse series of topics. Complementing his usual interest in nude figurative drawings and pieces based on mythology, are portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. A reception was held on Friday, December 3 from 6-9 PM and the work will be on display until January 19, 2000.

drawing by Campello

Male Back

20" x 16" Charcoal on Board

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